Sunset Music Fest is a one-of-its-kind outdoor musical experience, in which audience will be serenaded with classical favourites and contemporary tunes performed by both local and international artistes, in a centre stage set against the dramatic backdrop of a beautiful sunset at the meeting point of the South China and Sulu seas.


Tip of Borneo

At the northern-most tip of Borneo is Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, which means the “lingering junction” as it is where the South China Sea lingers and amalgamates with the wandering Sulu Sea that flows from the east. According to local folklore, the headland is a reminder of a treacherous coastline, where bloody battles and past shipwrecks was previously a lookout point to guard against invading pirates. The relatively undisturbed promontory offers striking views of Kalampunian Beach and the idyllic Banggi, Mantanani and triangle-shaped Kelambu island.

Walk along the rocky outcrop and savor the solitude as the azure blue sky turns into a splendid cocktail of red, orange, and gold. The surrounding area is generally well-kept with proper maintenance and adequate facilities including ample parking space and shops selling gifts and snacks.